Community Program for Addiction Recovery Inc.


9-11 Lincoln Square Worcester, MA  [email protected]   (774) 214-6440


We're so glad you're here to learn more about our organization AND THE WORK WE'RE DOING.

The Community Program for Addiction Recovery (CPAR) is a community-based recovery support partnership between the Community Program for Addiction Recovery and the Worcester Police Department (WPD). Our program is focused on community-based preventative and reactive outreach work in our community with the opioid crisis. Our trained recovery coaches work closely with WPD, in high-risk areas, to engage individuals who want to learn more about or enter recovery.

CPAR Recovery Coaches help to bridge the gap between police officers and individuals in need, and guide individuals and their families to informational resources, clinical resources, and community support. Recovery Coaches are a crucial part of our program. Our Worcester program increases community awareness and helps reduce the stigma surrounding addiction.We support all pathways to and of recovery. Medication assistance treatment (MAT), 12-step and non 12-step recovery support, 1:1 counseling, family and community support.

Family members and loved ones can also contact WPD/CPAR Worcester, and receive community support services, guidance, and education surrounding treatment options and different recovery paths. Our mission is to put an end to the shame and isolation many experience addiction and connect with them on a personal level, while introducing them to the amazing recovery community and resources in the Worcester area.

We are a community-based program developed to help, support, and engage individuals who would benefit from addiction treatment. When we receive a report of an individual overdose in the city, we provide immediate, onsite support.