Community Program for Addiction Recovery Inc.


9-11 Lincoln Square Worcester, MA  [email protected]   (774) 214-6440


The CPAR Worcester Program is a community-based recovery support partnership between the Community Program for Addiction Recovery and the Worcester Police Department. Our program is focused on community-based preventative and reactive outreach work in our community with the opioid crisis. We have eight trained recovery coaches who volunteer their time to provide resources, education, and support.

We wish to put an end to the shame, stigma, and isolation many people experience in active addiction. We not only connect with people on a personal, peer-to-peer level, but also connect them with the amazing recovery community in the Worcester area. Recovery Coaches play a crucial role in our program. Our Worcester program increases community awareness and helps reduce the stigma associated with addiction.

The founders of CPAR have been working in collaboration with the Worcester Police Department for the development and ongoing operation of the community-based Worcester Program for Addiction Recovery since early 2015. We engage in ongoing preventative and reactive outreach in the community, and provide training to professionals about addiction, recovery, treatment, stigma, barriers, compassionate care, and community resources, among other topics.

Our coaches work closely with the department, to help strengthen and nurture the relationship between officers, individuals, and families in need of support. When CPAR receives a report of a local overdose, coaches provide immediate, in-person support and professional advocacy.

We support all pathways to and of recovery. Medication assistance treatment (MAT), 12-step and non-12-step recovery support, 1:1 counseling, family and community support. Family members and loved ones can also contact WPD/CPAR Worcester, and receive community support services, guidance, and education about treatment options and different recovery paths.

CPAR’s Recovery Advocates help reduce the gap between police officers and individuals in need of recovery from active addiction, and provide informational and clinical resources as well as community supports. Our outreach increases community awareness, promotes recovery, reduces the stigma surrounding addiction, and removes barriers to receiving treatment. We provide insight into and support all pathways to, and of, recovery and proof that RECOVERY HAPPENS!!

Woman holding sign behind a table at Worcester Police CPAR Event
Two women and a man holding up signs supporting recovery at WPD CPAR Event