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CPAR founder rebecca zwicker


Rebecca is a mom and a woman in long term recovery. She has been substance free since June 16, 2019. She is both a certified recovery coach (CARC) and a recovery coach supervisor. Rebecca is a fierce advocate for access and education regarding all substance recovery pathways. She believes everyone seeking help should have access to “compassionate care,” and adequate resources to support personal recovery goals. Rebecca understands active addiction impacts not only the person experiencing the addiction, but also families, friends, and communities. She shares her personal recovery story to give hope to anyone impacted by addiction, and to prove recovery is possible.

“If it is working, keep going, if not, try something different. Just don’t give up. Keep fighting the good fight and remember, you are worth it!”

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Juan is a father in long-term recovery. He has over two decades of lived experience with addiction and recovery, graduated from the CADAC (Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor) certificate program in 2013. He worked as a supervisor for Open Sky at their Co-Occuring Disorder residential program, then he learned about the CARC (Certified Addiction Recovery Coach) how he could use his lived experieince to better support individuals in active addiction and/or early recovvery and became the Program Coordinator with Family Continuity’s Peer Recovery Support Center, No One Walks Alone (NOWA).

Juan currently works as a Recovery Coach with Community Program for Addiction Recovery Inc (CPAR) in their Post Overdose program and Preventative Outreach in the Worcester community in partnership with the Worcester Police Department-Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Officers and meet with individuals post overdose and treat people like people and show them hope and that Recovery is possible. Juan is also a Recovery Coach with the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office at their new reentry drop-in center located downtown Worcester. Juan is fully committed to the Recovery Coach role and extremely passionate on supporting our community with service of compassion and care to help break the cycles of Substance Use, to be a mentor to others, and help improve every day goals and quality of life with others, where he once was.



Sonia Thomas is a beautiful woman of color in long-term recovery. She is a mother of three, and grandmother to four, currently working towards C. She is a survivor of childhood domestic and sexual abuse, and started her recovery journey in September of 2014. Sonia takes pride in helping others because witnessing individuals go from active addiction to recovery is very rewarding.

“By surrendering, I’m giving back to myself, my family, my community and the ability not to forget where I came from.”

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Kelle is a women in long term recovery. She has been a mother since age 21, and has raised three grown boys.  Kelle has been in recovery since August 10, 1994. She believes recovery does work and loves helping people and showing them they can have find their way. 

“Give yourself a chance to be loved and listened to. ”

CPAR Coach Jaqueline

Jaqueline Monteiro , RECOVERY COACH

Jacqueline a grateful woman in recovery since 2015 is and has strong presence in the recovery community. She is a yoga instructor who share her passion for wellness through yoga with women as new as day or years of recovery. She volunteers her services anywhere possible. She also provides events that aid in supporting the basic need of women entering recovery. As of October 2022, she has obtained a s is working towards completing her Recovery Coach Certification. Jacqueline looks forward to expanding her recovery community and being able to assist her fellow recoveree anyway possible.