Community Program for Addiction Recovery Inc.


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Our Services

Coaches make every attempt to immediately connect with those who have experienced an overdose to provide support and resources. If they are unable to connect with an individual over the phone, the coach will then send the individual a text message. If it is deemed appropriate, in some cases, the recovery coach will contact emergency services and address any concerns requiring immediate attention.

Review Police Report & WPAR Recovery Coaches are given the Police Report & MC (if available) & phone number, last known address and MC photo or CJIS photo are shared for every referral.

Individuals involved in certain illegal activities are offered treatment as an alternative to arrest and given the opportunity for recovery.

Family Support

Family members impacted by a loved-one’s substance use can receive resources and guidance (including filing Section 35).

Knock & Talk

WPD-CIT WPAR Liaison Police Officer & civilian Recovery Coach attempt to do a knock & talk (if LKA or overdose address is not a public place) and all follow ups are within 48 hours of overdose.

Holiday Hope Bags

Every year, Worcester CPAR provides “Hope Bags” to people experiencing homelessness & individuals entering treatment/early recovery.

CPAR staff provide community outreach to connect with people interested in receiving assistance and providing resources for overcoming obstacles and barriers that may be keeping them from reducing the risk of harm due to substance misuse.

Community Advocacy

CPAR advocates for the rights of all who wish to improve their quality of life. The organization offers 1:1 personal support as well as working with government agencies and recovery to effect systemic and systematic change.