Community Program for Addiction Recovery Inc.


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“My job is to plant a seed, or water an already planted seed with compassion…even if someone has been in the emergency room ten times, the 11th time might be the time when I can support them into treatment or when they are open to follow-up.”
Rebecca Zwicker
CPAR Founder

What is Compassionate Care?

Compassionate care involves acknowledging the unique struggles an individual may be facing, and responding with kindness, empathy, a patience.

Caring for people compassionately, means opening the door for open and honest communication, actively listening to and trying to understand concerns with empathy and support. Compassionate Care understands the impact that cultural, religious, and social factors can play in the recovery process and responds appropriately with an open mind.

CPAR Recovery Coaches do their very best to comprehend the circumstances of the people they work with and provide appropriate guidance and suggestions.